ecobee Smart Sensor for Windows and Doors

ecobee Smart Sensor for Windows and Doors



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ecobee SmartSensor for doors and windows 2-pack - for Window, Door, Safe, Drawer, Cabinet, Entryway, School, Home, Security - 2 Pack WINDOWS

Choose ecobee for smarter home security. Feel at ease no matter where you are with SmartSensor for doors and windows. Simply attach to a door, window, or cabinet in seconds and you'll receive alerts* the moment entry, exit, or motion is detected. *Requires subscription to ecobee Haven.

ENTRY AND EXIT DETECTION. Place SmartSensors on doors, windows, and cabinets to protect your home as well as your valuables.

120° MOTION DETECTION. Entry alerts are just the start. Get notified* when SmartSensor's wide 120° motion sensor detects activity. *Requires Haven.

SET UP IN SECONDS. No screws. No wires. Plus, SmartSensor will automatically pair to your ecobee SmartThermostat or SmartCamera.

Get notified* when entries, exits, and motion are detected inside the home when your system is armed. *Requires Haven.