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Belkin iPhone Magsafe Camera Mount for Desktop

Belkin iPhone Magsafe Camera Mount for Desktop


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Show more of your work with Continuity Camera.

Make the most of the powerful rear camera of your iPhone by using it as a webcam with this beautifully designed magnetic mount. Engineered to securely mount MagSafe-compatible iPhone (iPhone 12 and later) onto Mac Desktops and Displays, it allows you to use the Continuity Camera features of macOS Ventura and stream hands-free. It's the perfect complement for your desktop setup.

MagSafe Compatibility.

Secure your iPhone - the MagSafe-compatible mount for Mac Desktop and Display ensures safe, reliable hands-free streaming

Enjoy Continuity Camera features.

Use your iPhone's powerful rear camera as a webcam to utilize Continuity Camera features for better quality conference calls, content creation, and more.

Adjustable Camera Angle & Orientation.

Easily rotate and tilt your iPhone up to 25 degrees downward in both portrait and landscape.

  • Supports 55" displays
  • Durable feature for maximum productivity with added dependability
  • Built with metal product material to offer great versatility and allow creativity and innovation in design and construction
  • Mounting Bracket ensures maximum feasibility with dependable audio/voice transfer for video conferencing
  • Makes it quick, convenient, and simple to adjust and reposition connectors in a secure mounting system
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