Alogic Elite Plus Adjustable Laptop Riser



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Ergonomic Support to Reduce Neck Fatigue and Eye Strain

The ElitePlus Adjustable Laptop Riser is a high-quality aluminium laptop stand designed to support the latest laptop or MacBook devices. Adjust the Riser's height and angle to minimise neck fatigue, and support your desired field of view while you work.

Universally Compatible

The Elite Plus is compatible with the vast majority of laptop models and sizes, including MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs, Dell XPS models, and Chromebooks. Share it between multiple laptop users at home or in the office.

Quality Construction

The ALOGIC ElitePlus Adjustable Laptop Riser features long-life aluminium alloy materials that look stylish and absorb daily wear and tear. The silicone pads beneath and around the riser prevent wobbles and stop your laptop sliding off.