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ALOGIC 4X100 Rapid Power 4 Port 100WGaNCharger

ALOGIC 4X100 Rapid Power 4 Port 100WGaNCharger


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Charge any USB device - USB-C Power Delivery 100W- This charger is different. Using the latest USB-C Power Delivery technology it can charge most late-model laptops, tablets and phones
The latest GaN technology- The ALOGIC Rapid Power USB-C Charger incorporates GaN "Gallium Nitride", a next-generation semiconductor that replaces silicon & enables very high energy & power in a very small compact & portable size.
Compact & Portable - Easy to use and carry- Using the latest GaN charging technology, we've been able to make our chargers 50% smaller than traditional chargers and eliminated the need for a bulky cable to connect the charger to the power outlet
Charge Multiple Devices at the Same Time- Ditch the collection of chargers you use for your different devices and charge them all using a single, convenient charger.
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