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Refurbished Macs and iPads

Refurbished by certified technicians, these Macs offer great value. These pre-owned Macs go through a multi-point inspection. Any part or component that does not pass Expercom's strict testing process is replaced. The units are then cleaned, have Mac OS X installed, and are sold at a great price.

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What comes with my refurbished Mac?
Each refurbished Mac (except Mac mini) comes with keyboard, mouse or trackpad, power cord, battery (for notebook computers), and Mac OS X installed on the hard drive or flash memory.

What don't I get?
Refurbished Macs do not include all of the bundled software that originally shipped with the unit when it was new, and does not come with any other cables or accessories (i.e. video adapters, modem cables, remote controls, etc.). Batteries are tested for a minimum of 2 hour of use.

All reseller refurbished Macs come with a 90-day warranty. This warranty covers parts, labor, and phone support. You can extend the warranty to 1 year for $100. The AppleCare Protection Plan is not available on reseller refurbished Macs.

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